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Create a Business and/or Personal Brand with Ease

Having a conversation about: values (what we stand for); mission (why we are here), and vision (what we want in the future) can help a person self-actualize -- be all they can be, challenge the spirit, and light a fire under a tired soul.

Why would you want to get a Mindlogo?

After about an hour or two, a Mindlogo is created and immediately a number of possibilities awaken, including:

Read testimonials and discover our methodology, then I invite you to contact us to get a Mindportrait created for you or DIY. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Do it for yourself; do it for someone else!

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Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Benedict Spinoza, Jane Adams, Albert Schweitzer, and Albert Einstein all have one thing in common: they were self-actualizing people. Thing is, you can be too! "
Abella Arthur

Individual $199

Coach $145

Non-Profit $145

Business $350