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What is Mindlogos all About?

Mindlogos offer a new way of helping you fulfill what Maslow terms Hierarchy of Motivational Needs such as: Self-Actualization, Transcendence, and esteem needs.

Mindlogos are conversations (words, images, feelings, thoughts) that you have with yourself and in turn with others.

Logos means the word in spiritual realms, logic or mind in rational terms, and it represents personalities of: organizations, products, or services in the business world.

Mindlogoing is about: Minding the word, logic, or personality of yourself and/or your business. At Mindlogos we help you identify your personal and/or business mindlogo, that which brings about more abundance in your life and business.

Our company, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, stands for : authenticity, knowledge, originality, quality, professionalism, productivity, efficiency, and being people-focused. More?

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